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Shutterfly Inc., the Internet-based creator of personalized photo products, moved into a new photo production facility in Fort Mill. MCI was contracted to provide HVAC services for the renovation of the existing 300,000 SF industrial building. The project presented challenges to our Project Management team with existing, aged equipment, a fast track, complex data center, and a sizable office and manufacturing area.


  • 207,176 SF of manufacturing area and warehouse, 65,825 SF of office space, and a 10,841 SF server room
  • Existing equipment required substantial upgrades and repair due to age
  • Data center consisted of four 30 ton Liebert DX systems with a common plenum supply system. It is expandable for a total of 30 ton units.
  • Office area consisted of RTU/VAV systems set utilizing helicopters
  • Manufacturing/production area had constant volume units and Ductsox distribution

Department Details:
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Efficiency
  • Controls
  • Services
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