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MetLife Corporate Headquarters

The Gragg and Woodward buildings were designed and constructed as twin 10 story shell buildings, accompanied by a 5 story parking garage for each building. The two buildings were designed as Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems with a medium pressure duct work loop on each floor. There is a dedicated Water Cooled Self-Contained (WCSC) air handling unit on each floor. Supplemental cooling loads, such as IT closets on each floor, are served by a secondary closed loop system isolated from the main condenser water system by a plate and frame heat exchanger. The outside air requirements for each floor are met from a modulating outside air supply fan on the roof feeding a duct riser with a dedicated VAV box per floor, supplying the OA air to the mechanical room of each WCSC. The exhaust and relief air systems each have a dedicated roof mounted modulating fan feeding a dedicated VAV box per floor to allow precise control over the building’s exhaust requirements while maintaining the building pressure as the outside air requirements change based on occupancy (CO2 levels in the space). The heartbeat of the building’s HVAC system is controlled and monitored by a Building Automation System (BAS), designed and installed by Mechanical Contractor’s Inc. Systems Integration Group. The BAS backbone is based on the Tridium Niagara AX software platform, allowing the customer to leverage an open architecture system and cutting edge technology, while also giving them the ability to manage their HVAC systems effectively and efficiently without sacrificing tenant comfort levels.

HVAC Demographics:

  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) system with a medium pressure ductwork loop on each floor.
  • 10 Water Cooled Self Contained (WCSC) Air Handling Units per building
  • 1,160 Total Tonnage
  • Tridium Controls System designed and managed by MCI Controls Department

Energy Conservation Measures:

  • Demand Control Ventilation– CO2 OA Control
  • Water-Side Economizers
  • Variable Speed Condenser Water Pumping
  • Critical Zone Pressure Reset
  • Cooling Tower Fans– Variable Speed
  • 12 degree Cooling Tower temperature difference

Building Specifications:

  • 2 buildings
  • 371,000 Total Square Feet
  • 14 Total Floors
  • Commercial Construction
  • Systems designed in Revit


  • ABC Merit Award
  • STEP Award


  • LEED Platinum

Department Details:
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