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Pass & Seymour | Legrand

MCI was contracted to upgrade Pass & Seymour’s building systems with the installation of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) for their HVAC rooftop units. The new system offers multiple benefits including managing schedules, inputting set-points, and viewing status data and trends. Legrand is viewing the success of the project as a major building block for additional energy savings opportunities in the future.


  • Controls installed on 9 rooftop units with 1 RTU also equipped with a variable frequency drive which can save up to 80% of the electrical cost of running the fan
  • Schedules can now be set and multiple set points can be pre-set within a single daily schedule
  • Projected to significantly cut electric billing costs and reduce consumption by over 602,400 KWh per year

Department Details:
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Controls
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