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Northeast Foods Bakery

Northeast Foods Bakery contracted with MCI for design/build services for their state-of-the-art, new facility in Clayton, NC. This facility was to be the fastest and highest producing bread bun and roll baking facility in the world, with the ability to produce 1,400 buns per minute.


  • 49 supply and exhaust fans for ventilating the manufacturing area
  • 5 mini-split indoor units matched to (2) outdoor units for isolating offices
  • 1 infrared heater for the freezer door
  • 9 gas fired unit heaters
  • 6 packaged gas fired rooftop heating/cooling units for the office areas
  • All gas piping was made of back steel from the meter to all applicable equipment
  • Building controls were designed and installed for the unit heaters and rooftop unit

Department Details:
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Efficiency
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Project Specs:
Energy Conservation Measures
  • Northeast Foods Bakery was awarded an incentive payment from Progress Energy that assisted greatly in financing the project.
  • 2012 Food Plant of the Year
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