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Kimco Realty

MCI was chosen by the Kimco Realty Corporation, which owns and operates North America’s largest portfolio of neighborhood and community shopping centers to deliver a best in class, custom designed building automation program for their outdoor lighting in an effort to continue their environmental stewardship. The program included system management, monitoring, and functionalities for site lighting. We seek to meet the needs of our diverse stakeholders through rethinking our approach to business, renewing our commitment to the communities we serve, and restoring the environmental on which we all depend.

  • Reduces our largest utility spend – electricity for outdoor lighting (approx. $25k/site)
  • Saves approx. 25% of parking lot lighting consumption with 2-4 year payback (before incentives)
  • Enables property manager to more effectively manage site lighting through more informed decisions
  • Improves tenant experience by ensuring lights are on when they need to be on and off when they need to be off
  • Establishes a robust technology infrastructure and deployment model for long-term expansion of our Gateway Building Controls Program


  • Defining component specifications and system architecture from device level through enterprise level
  • Engineering a low-cost “base” JACE enclosure with expandability for application specific “add-on” modules
  • Defined process for site characterization, kit selection, field installation, and commissioning
  • Designing an attractive and functional “modular” Graphical User Interface (GUI), including graphical interface for iPads used by Kimco’s PMs
  • Hosting services for cellular connectivity and data management for enterprise system
  • Developing project management, workflow, and quality assurance processes and programs to ensure project success

Department Details:
  • Construction
  • Controls
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