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Carmel Country Club

Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has maintained an HVAC service contract at Carmel Country Club since 1980 (30+ years) making them one of our most loyal and upstanding clients our Service Group has had over our 65 years in the service industry. Since that time, we have worked with the club on several building additions where MCI provided both new and replacement equipment installation, and replacement of most existing pneumatic controls with a new DDC system providing much more accurate temperature control in the building.
Our customer service extends beyond just providing a service to our customers, but also a true partnership and personal relationship to work with customers in order to identify their needs and pave out the roadmap to achieve their business goals and ensure success. Our customer service creed revolves around these primary virtues:

  • Listen to Our Customers
  • Timely & Professional Response
  • Don’t Make Promises We Cannot Keep
  • Deal With Issues & Complaints
  • Always Be Helpful, Courteous, Respectful, and Appreciative
  • Go the Extra Mile

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  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Controls
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